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Hi! My name is Samuel Zhang and I am currently an undergraduate freshman majoring in computer science at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia. I graduated from Stuyvesant High School, a specialized STEM high school in New York, New York. In my spare time, I enjoy singing classical music, playing chess, and practicing hapkido, a Korean martial art.

In high school, I led multiple teams in building software projects from scratch, including a student book marketplace. Now, in college, I hope to pursue my passion for machine learning and mobile development. As a member of Epic Intentions, a Georgia Tech club that links nonprofits with students, I am working with other students to help a homeless reemployment nonprofit migrate their Excel files to a SQL database with a friendly user interface. In the coming years, I aim to gain more experience through internships in the software industry. I am eager to learn about professional techniques, project workflow, and corporate coding standards.

Hi, I'm Samuelmore_vert
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I am currently looking for an internship for summer 2017.

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I have experience with functional and object-oriented programming in languages like Python, C, and Java. In past years, I led multiple teams in building applications in Flask, Processing, and Android. Our latest project implemented the Google API with OAuth 2.0 , interacted with SMTP servers , and called on dynamic NoSQL databases . Wanting to take the complete development process into our own hands, my team and I deployed our projects on private Apache Linux servers with custom security enhancements.

Python 3-4 Years Experience
Java 3-4 Years Experience
Git / Markdown 2-3 Years Experience
C 1-2 Years Experience
JavaScript 1 Year Experience

Recent Projects

Georgia Worksmore_vert
Georgia Worksclose

Excel migration and setup of SQL database to AWS for homeless employment nonprofit for Epic Intentions club.


Book trading marketplace for Stuyvesant High School students.

Pac-Mazing Invaders more_vert
Pac-Mazing Invadersclose

Fusion game between PacMan and Space Invaders
Featured project at CSTUY SHIP 2014 at St. Joseph's College


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You can also check out my resume here .

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